The Pacific coast of Central America receives consistent, big swells and in Nicaragua the proximity of the sea with the Lake Cocibolca makes the wind blow off shore approximately  300 days per year.


There are basically two seasons  in Nicaragua with respect to the weather. The dry season extends from November to April, and the wet  season from May to October. The southern Nicaraguan coast is battered by the southern  swells that are more consistence in the wet season, when there is less wind.

The dry season, however, is an ideal time for beginners and intermediate surfers, who con enjoy smaller waves and smaller crowds.


There are arguably about12 world-class breaks in a 20 kilometer coast line with all kinds of waves, including point, reef and beach breaks. There is a wave for every kind of surfer and every surfing level. With our Hotel Popoyo Surf Tour packages, we can take you to all of these spots and more,


Directly in front of Hotel Popoyo. During the right time of the year this wave is a superb point/beach break. Massive amount of sand build up here creating perfect sandbars that last for months.



An A-frame wave that is as consistence as any other in the world. Breaks on all tides and thanks to the 300 days a year offshore wind, it can be ridden all day long. Free ride offered to all Hotel Popoyo Guests, or a 20 minutes walk to the break. Check rates at transportation.




A big wave spot for serious chargers. If you are looking power and size, you will not be disappointed. Arguably heaviest wave in Central  America.



A seasonal wave that will through top to bottom barrels. Access to this wave is very difficult but Hotel  Popoyo Tours can take you here for a competitive price.




Often times a very tall, and walling wave that handles big swells. A great spot to bring your step-up board with a little more size. Also only accessible through a locally knowledgeable transport  service.




A firing left reef/point that only truly works when it has its required conditions. When it is on, it may be the best wave in the country. Difficulty level is high to get here.




Beach break with powerful, sucking barrels. Well known for its consistency as a fun, machine like tube.





Just outside of a lovely fishing village, lies waves that handle the larger incoming swells. On typical days it is a softer more playful, low-shoulder wave. It is about 12km from Hotel Popoyo.