What is the best season for surf?

Nicaragua faces South making it an excellent location for Southern ground swells. These swells are most prevalent April through November. So, any time between these  months is the best time to come. October can be very rainy with on-shore winds.

Are there ATMs around the Popoyo area?

No, there are no ATMs in Popoyo. The nearest Atm is in hacienda Iguana entrance (25 minutes).

We accept all major credit cards and we do not charge extra but make sure you advise your bank that you may be using your credit card in Nicaragua.

Most of the local business  in Nicaragua accept Dollars. Try to bring small bills ($20) and you will get change in Córdobas (the local currency) from your purchase. We don't recommend to change at the airport.

Do you have a Cancelation Policy?

Yes, we have. If you cancel your reservation:

48 hs. before, we give you back 50%.

Between 48 hs. and 4 days, we give you back 60%.

Between 4 days and 1 week, we give you back 70%.

More than a week, we give you back 80%.

What voltage do you have in Nicaragua?

Like the United States and Canada, Nicaragua has an 110v, 60Hz electrical system. Nicaragua has the most expensive Kilowatt per hour electricity in all of Central America.

What is the weather like?

Nicaragua has two main seasons, dry and wet.

The dry season runs from November thru April with almost no rain and the offshore winds can be very strong. The wet season starts in May and extends till October.

The air temperature is between 82 to 86°F (28 to 30°C) year round with the dry season being a little more hot and dusty while the rainy season can be less hot and everything is green.

How far away is Hotel Popoyo from Managaua and the airport; is there any public transportation to get there?

We provide transportation from and to the airport, we can pick you up at any time, even at night. Its a two hour and thirty minutes drive and our driver will be waiting for you after customs, he will be wearing a Hotel Popoyo t-shirt and will have a sign. We dont recommend to take a taxi unless you make sure the driver knows where he is going.  They will need a 4x4 in the wet season. Try to use a hotel's designed taxi.

If you are on a tight budget, there is public transportation: take a taxi ($15) from the airport to the Roberto Huembes bus station in Managua and take the "Expreso a Las Salinas" that leaves every day except Sundays at 2:45 pm. and arrives at "The Bridge/ El Puente" in Las Salinas at 6pm. It costs around $3. From  there give us a call and we can pick you up.

What should I bring?